4th General Conference

     The fourth General Conference was the first conference held outside Taiwan since 1981. The Secretariat of WBSC did not take it lightly. During the fourth meeting of the third Executive Committee, the preparatory committee for the fourth General Conference was formed. Ven. Phra Thepsophon from Thailand was the chairman of the committee and Ven. Phra Thepsophon from Thailand was the vice chairman. Both of them, worked closely with the President of WBSC, Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera, Chinese Secretary General, Ven. Wu Yi Mahathera, and English Secretary General, Ven. Dr. M. Wipulasara Mahathera . The fourth General Conference was held in Buddha Light Vihara, Thailand from January 8th to 10th, 1986.

  There were 700 attendees and 25 groups from 17 nations in the fourth General Conference​. The opening ceremony took place in Mandarina Oriental Hotel. Four plenary meetings and closing ceremony were held in Buddha Light Vihara. During the fourth General Conference, the mission statement and ten proposals were passed. Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera continued to be the President of WBSC according to the attendees' wishes . Ven. Wu Ming Mahathera was appointed to be the Vice President to share the load of ministries. The Chinese Secretary General was replaced by Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera due to Ven. Wu Yi Mahathera health issue. The English Secretary General was still Ven. Dr. M. Wipulasara Mahathera from Sri Lanka. More vice presidents were added to Executive Committee which was expanded from 6 committees to 11 committees. More committee members were added to function more efficiently.

 The fourth Executive Committee was under the supervision of President, Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera with Secretary Generals, Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera and Ven. Dr. M. Wipulasara Mahathera, Both Secretary Generals spoke Japanese for  communication. There were three Executive Committee meetings. The first one was at Yuan Heng Temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in November, 1986. The second meeting was in New York, USA in November, 1987 , and the third meeting was in Bail, Indonesia in November, 1988. Those meetings paved the way for the fifth Conference.