6th General Conference

Mission of the Age for Sangha

     Ven. Ta Neng​​ from Kek Lok Si in Penang, Malaysia proposed to host the sixth Conference in memory of late president, Ven. Pai Sheng who has been the previous abbot in Kek Lok Si,  ​​during the first meeting of the fifth Executive Committee in Hanover, Germany in April 1991. It was approved. Unfortunately, Ven. Ta Neng​​ passed away during the preparation stage for the conference. ​​His disciple, Ven. Jit Heng wanted to fulfill his master's wishes. Ven. Jit Heng made all efforts to continue the task with the help from Ven. Huang Mahathera who was the president of Maylasia Buddhism Sangha Council. Under the leadership of Ven. Jit Heng, with the assistance from committee members and Malaysian government, the sixth Conference took place successfully with 400 attendees from 20 nations.

     The sixth General Conference was held in the beautiful Bayview Beach Resort in Penang, Malaysia in November 8, 1995. The conference theme is "Mission of the Age for Sangha". In addition to three plenary meetings, there were four groups to discuss different topics including Buddhism teaching, culture education, social welfare, and youth activities. The mission statement and new personnel policies were approved and the President, Ven. Wu Ming Mahathera, Chinese Secretary General, Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera  and English Secretary General, Ven. Dr. M. Wipulasara Mahathera, were all reelected.

     The sixth General Conference was held in Malaysia which is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious country. After this conference, the first meeting of Executive Committee was held in Philippines which is a Catholic country. The meeting was successfully led by ninety-three-year-old Ven. Sui Kim wanted. ​​The second meeting was held in Sri Lanka which is the WBSC founding country two years later. Not only it was like a pilgrimage journey for the meeting attendees, and it also brought back all the memories and history of WBSC.​​