8th General Conference

Promoting World Peace Through A Caring Community.

   The eighth General Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December sixth, 2005. Malaysian preparatory committee and Malaysian Buddhist Association planned and arranged the conference well. The five-day conference agenda was thoughtfully put together and the accommodations were comfortable and sophisticated. All the delegates and attendees commended simultaneously.

    There were two purposes for the eighth General Conference. First it was to advocate the conference theme: "Promoting Peace in the World, Enhancing Compassion Toward Humanity". Secondly, it was to recommend candidates for the election of leadership. In view of frequent wars in the world and constant violence, the WBSC hoped to purify the society and eliminate wars through the leadership of WBSC, efforts of all Buddhists and practicing Buddha's teaching. There would be no borders among nations and no violence on lands through caring for one another. All attendees came to the consensus to make the following statement after three-day discussion.

     World peace will be the greatest hope for humanity in the world. Only world peace leads to human happiness and global prosperity. Wars always brings human sufferings and global disasters. Therefore, world peace should be the first priority for all religions and organizations. The definition for Buddhism is compassion and altruism. It should be the obligation and duty for all sangha to propagate Buddha's teaching and care for others. All shall dedicated themselves to advocate world peace, relieve human sufferings, care for all beings, and build a peaceful and pure society.

     During this conference, the members for the eighth Executive Committee were elected. Ven. Liao Chung was unanimously reelected as President of WBSC by Buddhist leaders from twenty-three countries. The eighth General Conference was organized by Malaysian Buddhist Association. There were three plenary meetings to discuss the statement. Everyone came to mutual conclusion the statement would be the goals for all sangha to pursue.