10th General Conference 「To promote the sangha’s harmonious spirit. To create the harmonious society and blissful humanity.」


The Tenth General Conference of WBSC

To promote the sangha’s harmonious spirit.

To create the harmonious society and blissful humanity.


     Facing the turmoil world situation of today, which are caused by the gap between the rich and the poor as well as the class contradiction resulted from the highly developed economy, or the innocent people’s displacement and suffering resulted from the powerful countries’ bullying the weak countries, we sangha members, as the head of the Buddha’s seven categories of disciples, should promote the sangha’s harmonious spirit to educate and benefit the living beings, and create the harmonious society and blissful humanity. Based on the consensus achieved from the discussion during this conference, we would like to declare as follows:

  1. “Harmony between the extremes is the principle of living.” The Buddha applied the six principles of harmony to lead his disciples. Internally, all should “observe the same silas, hold the same views, and enjoy the same profits.” Externally, all should “live peacefully, speak nicely, and think pleasantly.” The ancient principle of harmony is “Treat the people with truth, and feed the people with morality.” Today’s principle of harmony is “Cooperate with one mind, tolerate and accept each other, and coordinate all things.” Only through this, we can work together to let the four classes of Buddhists live happily and purely, the Buddha dharma exist in the world, the wrong views be corrected, and the living beings be relieved of sufferings.
  2. “Agree to disagree is the principle to cultivate all things.” Respect is the premise of harmony. We should look for the similarity while accept the dissimilarity, and become great through tolerance. Different individuals and groups should respect each other, learn from each other, and adopt other’s goodness to improve one’s own weakness in order to achieve the goal of mutual progress. As the saying goes, “The noble men are harmonious with difference, and the mean people are indifferent with disharmony.” Therefore, the essence of harmony is not to deny the existence of contradiction, but to beget the harmonious relations of pluralistic existence through the process of solving the contradiction on the basis of respect and equality.
  3. “Harmony so rhythm, rhythm so consonance.” The harmonious society is the most beautiful state of human civilization, and also the most important cornerstone of world peace. The dissimilarities of all things in the world is the fact of objective existence. Only applying the sangha’s thought of harmony and space-like cultural tolerance and openness to welcome the new thought and new idea, and to shorten the distance between the tradition and the modernity, the humanity and the ethnicity, the globalization and the localization, etc. that we can finally bring the different races and cultures to progress with time, and immerse into the trend of time. Consequently, we can become “rhythmic and consonant totally and invincibly,” and create together the human blissful land of mutual prosperity and co-existence, and harmonious society.

Conference Date Place President
10th General Conference Nov. 6-10, 2018 Penang, Malaysia Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera
10th Executive Committee
First Meeting Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2019 Macau Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera
Second Meeting      

Name List of 10th Executive Committee Members of WBSC

Honorable Vice President Ven. Ching Hsin Mahathera Taiwan
The Board of Eleders Ven. Dr. P. Gnanarama Sri Lanka
Ven. Bhikkhu Sukhemo Indonesia
Ven. Fat Chung Mahathera Australia
Ven. W. Kusaladhamma Sri Lanka
Ven. Dharma Sagaro Mahathera Indonesia
Ven. Eui Hyun Mahathera Korea
Ven. Sin Tian Mahathera Taiwan
President Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera Taiwan
Chief Vice President Ven. Hui Siong Indonesia
Vice President Ven. Ching Liang Mahathera Taiwan
Ven. Yuan Chung Mahathera Taiwan
Ven. Dr. Phra Brahmapundit Thailand
Ven. Siu Kun Mahathera Hong Kong
Ven. Chi Wai Mahathera Hong Kong
Ven. Jit Heng Malaysia
Ven. Wei Yim Singapore
Ven. Tsang Hui Australia
Ven. Chuan Yin Philippines
Ven. Sri Pannyavaro Indonesia
Ven. Dambajav Lama Mongolia
Ven. Dr. Maitipe Wimalasara Thera Sri Lanka
Ven. D. Yasassi Mahathera Sri Lanka
Ven. Lama Lobzang  India
Ven. K. Piyatissa Mahathera USA
Ven. Suddhananda Mahathera Bangladesh
Ven. Bogoda Seelawimala UK
Ven. Sakya Tri Tue USA
Ven. Galayaye Piyadassi UK
Ven. Tong Zhi USA
Ven. Jie Sheng Macau
Ven. Kuan Yin Hong Kong
Ven. Phuoc An New Zealand
Ven. Phuoc Tan Australia
Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghasena India
Ven. Kwang Phing Singapore
Ven. Nhu Dien Germany
Ven. Beop Ki Korea
Ven. Chao Chu USA
Ven. Akuratiye Nanda Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Parawahera Chandaratana France
Chinese Secretary-General Ven. Hui Siong Indonesia
English Secretary-General Ven. Prof. B. Dharmaratana Thero Sri Lanka
Chinese Assistant Secretary-General Ven. Ju Cheng Taiwan
Chinese Assistant Secretary-General Ven. Da Hui Taiwan
English Assistant Secretary-General Ven. N. Sumana Thero Singapore
General Treasurer Ven. Ju Cheng Taiwan
Dharma Propagation Committee
Director Ven. Ming Kuang Taiwan
Deputy Director Ven. T. Dhammaratana France
Members Ven. Ban Ruo Australia
Ven. Ming Yi Singapore
Ven. Kor Ming Hong Kong
Ven. Yin Yuan Singapore
Ven. Pin Dao USA
Ven. Wen Toong Singapore
Ven. Hai Tao Taiwan
Ven. Hong Po Korea
Ven. U. Dhammarakkhita Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Dhammapala USA
Ven. K. Dhammaratana Nayaka Thera Sweden
Ven. Sek Yin Swee Malaysia
Ven. Neng Jie China
Ven. Jotidhammo Thero Indonesia
Ven. I. Dhammalankara Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Phra Sophonvachirabhorn Thailand
Ven. Chao Yuan Philippines
Education Committee
Director Ven. Sau Chi Hong Kong
Deputy Director Ven. Jayamedho Indonesia
Members Ven. Hong Zheng USA
Ven. Dr. I. Indasara Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Prof. K. Narada Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. K. Gnanarathana Sweden
Ven. Hsin Li Taiwan
Ven. Trinley Thaye Dorje India
Ven. Hui Chong USA
Ven. Seng Che Hong Kong
Social Welfare Committee
Director Ven. Sang Won Korea
Deputy Director Ven. Seck Sian Siang Singapore
Members Ven. Ru Hwa Taiwan
Ven. Chen Sheng Taiwan
Ven. Wen Cheh Taiwan
Ven. Sum Wai Macau
Ven. Kyung Jin Korea
Ven. Ru Sheng Taiwan
Ven. Jing Yi USA
Ven. Ru Hui Taiwan
Ven. Hsing Rong Taiwan
Ven. Chang Ning Taiwan
Ven. Hung Tsung Taiwan
Ven. Shan Jen Indonesia
Rituals Committee
Director Ven. Chuan Jian China
Deputy Director Ven. Jie Yun Taiwan
Members Ven. Yi Ru Hong Kong
Ven. Chi Hung Hong Kong
Ven. Rui Fa USA
Ven. T. Sumanaratana Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. H. Indaratana Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. K. Sri Pemaloka Mahathera Sri Lanka
Ven. Andhana Vira Indonesia
Ven. Chang Dei USA
Ven. Ru Guan Taiwan
Youth Committee
Director Ven. Chuan Xian Singapore
Deputy Director Ven. Tze Ben Canada
Members Ven. Ming Xue Singapore
Ven. Miao Hui China
Ven. Miao Tan China
Ven. Tzu Yu Taiwan
Ven. Jie Hui Taiwan
Ven. Guo Ngai Hong Kong
Ven. Dao Ning China
Ven. Tian Sheng Taiwan
Ven. Ming Ji Malaysia
Ven. Chuc Hieu Vientnam
Ven. Hong Ding USA
Finance Committee
Director Ven. Fa Kuang Taiwan
Deputy Director Ven. Hung An Taiwan
Members Ven. Tien Yueh Taiwan
Ven. Da Hui Taiwan
Ven. Miao Yuan Taiwan
Ven. Ku Tay Hong Kong
Ven. Chen Neng Malaysia
Ven. Sum Ding Taiwan
Ven. Miao Kuang Taiwan
Ven. Chi Wen Taiwan
Ven. Yin Chi Hong Kong
Cultrual Committee
Director Ven. B. Chandima Thero Sri Lanka
Deputy Director Ven. R. Gnanaseeha Thero Singapore
Members Ven. Dr. P. Sangasumana Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Aluthwewa Sorata Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Neng Toh Singapore
Ven. Bhikhu Mangala Maharjan Nepal
Ven. Phra Medheedhammaborn Thailand
Ven. Chearng Ern Malaysia
Ven. Ming Ting Taiwan
Ven. Chen Ju USA
Ven. D. Seelananda Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Ming Tsung USA
Ven. Chen Chung Philippines
Ven. Jue Hua Taiwan
Research & Development Committee
Director Ven. Chul San Korea
Deputy Director Ven. Thitadhammo Germany
Members Ven. Pu Yuan Taiwan
Ven. E. Amaramoli Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. A. Wimalawansa Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Dhamarvimala Indonesia
Ven. Fa Liang Hong Kong
Ven. E. Gnanathilaka Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Bodhi Mitra Bhikkhu Bangladesh
Ven. Dr. Bhadant Rahul Bodhi India
Ven. Ming Wei Taiwan
Liaison Committee
Director Ven. Jing Yao Taiwan
Deputy Director Ven. K. Gunawansa Thero UK
Members Ven. Chuan Dao Taiwan
Ven. Quang Dao France
Ven. Hanh Bao Germany
Ven. Sing Yin Taiwan
Ven. Pallewela Sarada Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Fa Lian Philippines
Ven. Hung Ru USA
Compilation & Translation Committee
Director Ven. Yuen Quing Macau
Deputy Director Ven. Chi Chun Malaysia
Consultation Committee
Director Ven. Sheng Hsiung Taiwan
Deputy Director Ven. Olande Anada Holland
Members Ven. G. Sobhita Thero Sri Lanka
Purification Committee
Director Ven. Sien Kuan Malaysia
Deputy Director Ven. Chuan Yi Singapore
Members Ven. Kai Yin China
Ven. Acharya Lobsang Chogni Brazil
Ven. Buddharakkhita Uganda
Ven. K. Saddharatana Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. Ten Zun Taiwan
Bhikkhuni Committee
Director Ven. Pu Hui Taiwan
Deputy Director Ven. Da Ying Taiwan
Members Ven. Chien Ying Taiwan
Ven. Phuoc Hy Australia
Ven. Ju Hwei Taiwan
Ven. Chan Mu Taiwan
Ven. Hui Ming Taiwan
Ven. Chan Hui Taiwan
Ven. Chao Tin Taiwan
Ven. Lien Chan Taiwan
Ven. Ja Min Korea
Ven. Hung Jen Taiwan
Ven. Chen Yueh Taiwan
Ven. Shi Hui Taiwan
Ven. Hai Hui Taiwan
Ven. Bo Lim Korea
Ven. Chu Sian Malaysia
Ven. Shing Guei Taiwan
Ven. Zhi Cheng Taiwan
Ven. Wu Chang Malaysia