7th General Conference 「Welcoming e-Generation and Moving Toward Internet Dhamma Propagation」

  1. 7th Wbsc General Conference

    Delegates from Different Countries
  2. Offering Blessing and Presentation

    to Ven. Wu Ming
  3. Elegant Conference Hall at

    Yuan Hung Temple
  4. Visiting to Miao Chung Temple at

    Liu Kuei, Kaohsiung
  5. Participants Arriving the Closing Ceremony

    Yuan Hung Temple
  6. The 1st Meeting of 7th WBSC Executive Committee

    Sydney, Australia • November 12,2001
  7. Visiting to Computer Classrooms at Yuan Hung Temple

    Yuan Hung Temple
  8. Ferry Tour to Kaohsiung Harbor

  9. Welcome Party at

    Tzu Yun Temple, Kaohsiung
  10. Ven. Pei Sheng Memorial Hall

    in Hsuan Chuang University
  11. Respects to Master Hsuan Chuang's

    Relic Reserved in HCU
  12. Ven. Hui Pen, new Secretary General,

    Announcing Conference Declaration
  13. Ven. Pu Miao, Abbot of

    Yuan Hung Temple
  14. 7th Wbsc General Conference

    Platforrn for Closing Ceremony
  15. Energetic Students Participating

  16. Energetic Students Participating

  17. Singing by Korean Ladies

  18. Voices fronl Modern Youth

  19. Ven. Ming Kuan leading to

    Sing Buddhist Songs
  20. Chinese Conventional Music Performed

    by Students
  21. Chanting from all over the World

    Thailand Delegstes
  22. Chanting from all over the World

    Delegstes for Korea
  23. Chanting from all over the World

    Taiwan Delegstes
  24. Chanting from all over the World

    Vietnamese Delegstes
  25. Chanting from all over the World

    Delegstes from Sri Lanka
  26. Chanting from all over the World

    Delegstes from Bangladesh
  27. Delegates from Different Countries

  28. Delegates from Different Countries

  29. Delegates from Different Countries

  30. Delegates from Different Countries

  31. Delegates from Different Countries

  32. Delegates from Different Countries

  33. Delegates from Different Countries

  34. Delegates from Different Countries

  35. Delegates from Different Countries

  36. Delegates from Different Countries

  37. Delegates from Different Countries

  38. Delegates from Different Countries

  39. Delegates from Different Countries

  40. Delegates from Different Countries

  41. Delegates from Different Countries

  42. Delegates from Different Countries

  43. Delegates from Different Countries

  44. Delegates from Different Countries

  45. Delegates from Different Countries

  46. Delegates from Different Countries

  47. Delegates from Different Countries

  48. Delegates from Different Countries

  49. Delegates from Different Countries

  50. Delegates from Different Countries

  51. Delegates from Different Countries

  52. Delegates from Different Countries

  53. Delegates from Different Countries

  54. Delegates from Different Countries

  55. Delegates from Different Countries

  56. Delegates from Different Countries

  57. Congratulations to Their Appointments

    Ven. Chin Neng, General Treasurer
  58. Congratulations to Their Appointments

    Ven. Hui Pen, Chinese Secretary General
  59. Congratulations to Their Appointments

    Ven. B. Wimalaratana, English Secretary General
  60. Congratulations to Their Appointments

    Ven. Liao Chung, President
  61. Ven. Wu Ming,

    Life-Long Honorary Vice President
  62. Ven. Kok Kwong,

    Life-Long Honorary Vice President
  63. Ven. Chin Hsin, the Speaker

  64. Ven. M. Vajiragnana, the Chair

  65. Lectur Youth Committee Meeting at

    International Hall of HCU
  66. General Session at

    Tzu-Yun llall, HCU
  67. The ad hoc Committee

    Discussing Declaration Draft
  68. Room for Pre- Conference Executive

    Committee Meeting
  69. Offering Blessing and Presentation

    to Ven. Wu Ming
  70. Offering Blessing and Presentation

    to Ven. Wu Ming
  71. Offering Blessing and Presentation

    to Ven. Wu Ming
  72. Offering Blessing and Presentation

    to Ven. Wu Ming
  73. Offering Blessing and Presentation

    to Ven. Wu Ming
  74. Offering Blessing and Presentation

    to Ven. Wu Ming
  75. Offering Blessing and Presentation

    to Ven. Wu Ming
  76. Ven. Eui Hyun Seo, Vice President from Korea,

    with Drum-dancing performers
  77. Ven. Eui Hyun Seo, Vice President from Korea,

    with Drum-dancing performers
  78. Students singing Happy Birthday

    to Master
  79. Delegates Praying

    for Ven. Wu Ming
  80. Happy Birthday to

    President Wu Ming
  81. Offering Gifts

  82. Offering Gifts

  83. Offering Gifts

  84. Offering Gifts

  85. Offering Gifts

  86. Offering Gifts

  87. Offering Gifts

  88. Offering Gifts

  89. Offering Gifts

  90. Offering Gifts

  91. Offering Gifts

  92. Offering Gifts

  93. Offering Gifts

  94. Offering Gifts

  95. Offering Gifts

  96. Offering Gifts

  97. Mourning for Ven. Wipurasara Mahathera the

    Late English Secretary General
  98. Mr. Ma Yin-Kiu,

    Mayor of Taipei City
  99. Minister Chang PO-Ya,

    Ministry oflnterior Affairs, ROC
  100. Ven, Chin Liane, Vice Chairman

    of Conference
  101. Ven, Chin Hsin, Vice Chairman

    of Conference
  102. Speaker Wang Kin-Pin,

    Legislative Yuan of ROC
  103. Address by President Chen Shui-Bian,

    Republic of China
  104. Welcome address by Ven. Liao Chung,

    Chairman of Conference
  105. Delegates Attending the

    Opening Ceremony
  106. Delegates Attending the

    Opening Ceremony
  107. Opening Ceremony

  108. Opening Speech by

    Ven. Wu Ming, President
  109. Opening Ceremony


   The Seventh General Conference of the World Buddhist Sangha Council held at Taipei, Hsinchu & Kaohsiung in Taiwan from 11th to 16th of November 2000 under the heme“Heading towards a new era for the propagation of Buddha’s Teaching through electronic media”, solemnly declares:

  1. That in accordance with the present world context, the Council is firmly committed to propagate the Buddha’s Teaching by means of  modern media of communication.

  2. That the Council believe that it is imperative for the Buddhist Sangha to uphold the value system taught in Buddhism and to be aware of the impact of fast developing science and technology on humanity in the world.

  3. That the Council determines that the WBSC Head-quarters should be the co-ordinating center to initiate and encourage the use of internet and other modern facilities of communication to disseminate the Teachings of the Buddha.


Conference Date Place President
7th General Conference Nov. 10-16, 2000 Taipei, Hsinchu, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera
7th Executive Committee
1st Meeting Nov. 9-13, 2001 Sydney, Australia Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera
2nd Meeting Nov. 23-27, 2002 Singapore Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera
General Conference
Nov. 24-27, 2002 Singapore Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera
3rd Meeting  Dec. 17-22, 2003 Jakara, Yogyakarta, Semazang, Indonesia Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera

Name List of 7th Executive Committee Members of WBSC

Life Long Hon. President The Most Ven. Wu Ming Mahathera Taiwan
Life Long Hon. Vice President The Most Ven. Kok Kwang Mahathera Hong Kong
The Board of Elders The Most Ven.Thich Tam Chau Mahathera Canada
Ven. Yin Shuen Mahathera Taiwan
Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda Mahathera Malaysia
Ven. Long Ken Mahathera Singapore
Ven. Lin Ken Mahathera Taiwan
Ven. Chur Mor Mahathera Malaysia
Ven. Chiu Chan Mahathera Hong Kong
Ven. Somdej Phra Puddhacarya Mahathera Thailand
Ven. Sui Kim Mahathera Philippines
Ven. Shou Yeh Mahathera USA
Ven. Fat Chung Mahathera Australia
Ven. Thich Phuoc Hue Mahathera Australia
Ven. Wu Yi Mahathera Taiwan
Ven. Chen Iy Mahathera Taiwan
Ven. Ming Chih Mahathera Malaysia
Ven. Kuong Yu Mahathera Malaysia
Ven. Shing Yuen Mahathera USA
Ven. U. R. Buddharahkhita Mahathera Sri Lanka
Ven. Ashin Jinarakkhita Mahathera Indonesia
Ven. Pu Miao Mahathera Taiwan
President Ven. Liao Chung Mahathera Taiwan
Senior Vice President Ven. Ching Hsin Mahathera Taiwan
Vice Presidents Ven. Ching Liang Mahathera Taiwan
Ven. Phra Dhampannabordee Mahathera Thailand
Ven. Rewata Dhamma Mahathera Myanmar
Ven. Dr. M. Vajiragnana Mahathera UK
Ven. Dr. K. Anuruddha Mahathera Sri Lanka
Ven. Au Ling Mahathera USA
Ven. Kuang Fen Mahathera Philippines
Ven. Seng Lu Mahathera Philippines
Ven. Woo Fong Mahathera Singapore
Ven. Wing Sing Mahathera Hong Kong
Ven. Kien Chiu Mahathera Macau
Ven. Eui Hyun Seo Mahathera Korea
Ven. Chik Huang Mahathera Malaysia
Ven. Phna Raj Siddhikhun Mahathera Malaysia
Ven. W. Kusaladhamma Mayakathera Sri Lanka
Ven. Tsang Hui Mahathera Australia
Ven. Thich Huyen-Vi Mahathera France
Ven. Thich Man Giac Mahathera USA
Ven. K. Piyatissa Mahathera USA
Ven. Lama Lobzang Mahathera India
Ven. Sri Pannyavaro Sanghanayaka Thera Indonesia
Chinese Secretary-General Ven. Hui Pen Mahathera Taiwan
English Secretary-General Ven. Prof. B. Wimalaratana Mahathera Sri Lanka
Chinese Assistant Secretary-General Ven. Ming Cheng Mahathera Taiwan
Ven. Hui Siong Mahathera Indonesia
English Assistant Secretary-General Ven. N. Sumana Mahathera Singapore
General Treasurer Ven. Chin Neng Mahathera Taiwan
Dhamma Propagation Committee
Director Ven. Yuen Quing  Macau 
Members Ven. B. Dhammaratana Mahathera Sri Lanka
Ven. Gunaratana (Chao Chu) USA
Ven. Chuen Wai  Hong Kong
Ven. Hong Po  Korea
Ven. Suddhananda Mahathera Bangladesh
Ven. T. Dhammaratana France
Ven. Dhammarakkita Nayaka Thero Sri Lanka
Ven. P. Gnanarama Mahathera Sri Lanka
Ven. Dhammaoala USA
Ven. Bhikkhu Sukhemo Indonesia
Ven. Dae Woo Korea
Ven. Sung Bong Korea
Ven. Jin Kong Korea
Ven. Duk Wong Korea
Ven. Nam Jung Korea
Education Committee
Director Ven.Phra Rajaratanamoli Mahathera Thailand
Members Ven. Sau Chi Hong Kong
Ven. A. Nanda Sri Lanka
Ven. Wei Wu Malaysia
Ven. Sheng Hsiung Taiwan
Ven. D. Yasassi Mahathera Sri Lanka
Ven. Dr. Thich Tinh-Hanh Taiwan
Ven. Dr. I. Indasara Thera Sri Lanka
Ven. Bub Jong Korea
Welfare Committee
Director Ven. Fa Chih Mahathera Taiwan
Members Ven. Dr. K. Vajira Sri Lanka
Ven. Kor Neng Malaysia
Ven. Chung Jae Jun Korea
Ven. Fa Kwang Taiwan
Ven. Doo Kek Korea
Administration Committee
Director Ven. Yuan Chung Mahathera Taiwan
Members Ven. Sik Liu Chi USA
Ven. Shueh Kun Taiwan
Ven. Chih Hui Hong Kong
Ven. Bong Ju Korea
Ven. Ru Kung Malaysia
Ven. Ta Wen Taiwan
Ven. Ru Hwa Taiwan
Ven. Chen Sheng Taiwan
Youth Committee
Director Ven. Ming Kwong Taiwan
Members Ven. Ming Yi Singapore
Ven. Ching Yao Taiwan
Ven. Kor Ming Hong Kong
Ven. Bub Ki Korea
Ven. Dhammasara Sri Lanka
Ven. Thich Nhu Dien Germany
Ven. Fat Chao Singapore
Ven. Ying Yuen Singapore
Ven. Wen Toong Malaysia
Ven. Yin Teh Taiwan
Ven. Chuen Yin Philippines
Ven.Phra Sukpajalo Thailand
Ven. P. Chandaratana  France
Ven. Sanghasena India
Ven. Phra Pisal Dhammavarodom Thailand
Ven. Myeng Hyu Korea
Ven. Thich Phuoc-An New Zealand
Ven. Ming Hsing USA
Ven. Sian Siang Singapore
Ven. Hsuan Chui Malaysia
Finance Committee
Director Ven. Chin Neng Mahathera Taiwan
Members Ven. Siu Kun Hong Kong
Ven. Miao Yuen Taiwan
Ven. Bang Joo Suk Korea
Ven. Kor Teh Hong Kong
Ven. Chen Neng Malaysia
Cultural Committee
Director Ven. B. Chandima Mayakathera Sri Lanka
Members Ven. R. Gnanaseeha Thera Sri Lanka
Ven. Phra Medheedhammaborn Thailand
Ven. Pen Ching Taiwan
Ven. Thich Minh-Tam France
Ven. Aryamaitri Indonesia
Ven. A. Sorata Thera Sri Lanka
Ven. Hoe Jung Korea
Ven. Sik Nung Toh Singapore
Ven. Bhikkhu Mangola Maharjan Nepal
Membership Committee
Director Ven. Phra Dhammarajanuvatr Mahathera Thailand
Members Ven. Jit Heng Malaysia
Ven. K. Sri Pemaloka Thera Sri Lanka
Ven. Ki Yeon Korea
Rituals Committee
Director Ven. Kuang Yuen Mahathera Taiwan
Members Ven. Il Kong Korea
Liaison Committee
Director Ven. Chen Tuen Thailand
Members Ven. Fa Yun USA
Ven. Boo Ri Korea
Ven. Dhyana Vira(Ding Siong) Indonesia
Ven. P. Sarada Thera Sri Lanka
Ven. Wu Chien India
Ven. Maha Suvunn Suranat Singapore
Bhikkhuni Committee
Director Ven. Hsin Kuang Taiwan
Members Ven. Sheng Hai Taiwan
Ven. Shin Kuang Taiwan
Ven. Fa Kun Singapore
Ven. Ju Hueh Taiwan
Ven. Shao Ting Taiwan
Ven. Chen Seng Malaysia
Ven. Wen Chiueh Malaysia
Ven. Lian Chan Taiwan
Ven. Dea Woll Korea
Ven. Sung Mun Korea
Ven. Wen Chih Taiwan