3rd General Conference 「Buddhism and Peace, Uncovering the New Chapter of Buddhist History」

  1. Ven. Shing Yuen, to the left of

    Ven. Pai Sheng, and others at Fo Kuang Shan.

  3. Premier with Ven-Thich Huyen Vi,

    from France.
  4. Premier with Ven. U Tyinya W unda

    of Burma.
  5. Key. Congress participants called on Secretary-General

    Tsiang Yien-si of the Kuomcntang Central Committee Dec. 4 afternoon.
  6. Ven. Yin Hai and Ven. Au Ling from the

    United States at Taipei meeting.
  7. Another gift from Japan.

  8. A plaque from the

    Thai Delegation.
  9. A precious gift from Japan.

  10. Presentation of gift

    from Hong Kong
  11. Presentation of an image of

    Buddha from Thailand.
  12. Congress Meal at

    Grand Hotel Dec. 1
  13. Another scene of the

    Congress Meal.
  14. Sutras from the

    Republic of Korea.
  15. Gift from Sri Lanka.

  16. Gift from Ven. Thich Huyen Vi of French

    Linh Son Buddhist Association.
  17. Arrival at Wufeng on the way

    to Sou thern Taiwan
  18. At Wufeng, near Ten- Thousand

    Buddhas Temple.
  19. Delegates from Sri Lanka at

    Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.
  20. A brief moment before continuation

    of field tour.
  21. Reception hosted by

    Lungchuan Monastery.
  22. Greetings from Buddhist faithfuls

    in Central Taiwan.
  23. A tea party hosted by

    Taiwan Provincial Government.
  24. At Ten- Thousand Buddhas Temple

    in Central Taiwan Dec. 5
  25. Tour of Fo Kuang Shan near

    Kaohsiung Dec. 6
  26. A big reception at

    Kuang Shan.
  27. Kaohsiung Municipal Library Auditorium— site of

    the Fourth Plenary Meeting and Closing Ceremony on Dec. 6
  28. Vote of Thanks by Ven. Dr. M. Vajiragnana

    at the Closing Ceremony.
  29. Ven. Pai Sheng delivers

    his closing remarks.
  30. Delegates at the

    Closing Ceremony.
  31. Ven. Wu Yi presents a list of

    Vice President nominees.
  32. Participants of the 2nd Meeting of 3rd WBSC Executive Committee,

    held at Hotel Plaza in Hong Kong on April 9-10, 1983.
  33. Chief Delegates in the

    Hotel Corrference Hall.
  34. More foreign participants

    and observers.
  35. Delegations from throughout

    the world.
  36. Platform in the Grand Hotel

    Conference Hall.
  37. A scene of Committee III Meeting.

  38. A scene of

    Committee II Meeting.
  39. Ven. Dr. M. Wipulasara and Ven. Wu Yi

    at Committee IV Meeting.
  40. Ven. Kok Kwong of Hong Kong at

    Committee 1 Meeting.
  41. Ven. Kok Kwong, President of Hong Kong Buddhist and

    Association, and others during Congress session.
  42. Ven. Lodreu Yeunten of France

    with Premier Sun.
  43. Premier Sun being introduced

    to ROK delegates.
  44. Sun and Lin greeted by

    Ven. Heng Yin from U.S.A.
  45. Warmest welcome to

    all participants.
  46. Welcome to Delegates

    and Observrs!
  47. Grand Hotel in Taipei—site of

    the Third WBSC Congress.
  48. Vice President Shieh Tung-min of the Republic of China

    spoke at Opening Ceremony and was introduced to key participants.
  49. Other Chief Delegates at

    the Opening Ceremony.
  50. Chief Delegates at

    the Opening Ceremony.
  51. Local and foreign dignitaries

    attended the opening.
  52. ROC Delegation members

    at the Opening Ceremony.
  53. Opening Ceremony was at

    Chungshan Buiding on Yangmingshan.
  54. Observers from the Linchi Temple

    Ordination Ceremony.
  55. ROC participants and observers.


   We, the members of the World Buddhist Sangha Council participating in our Third International Congress, held in Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, from the 1st to the 7th of  December,1981, do hereby solemnly make the following declaration:

    As soon as the Buddha had sixty disciples who were liberated and emancipated(Arhants), he advised them to go forth and spread among people the message of compassion and wisdom “for the good of the many, for the happiness of the many.”

   There are more than one million Buddhist Monks in the world today, both Theravada and Mahayana. They are all disciples of the Buddha.  They should all be united as one solid organization in spite of superficial minor differences.  And they should all try to develop their ethical, intellectual and spiritual standards, and adapts themselves to changing social and economic conditions in the modern world.

    As members of the Buddhist Sangha, we get united and we improve and strengthen our position not merely for our own good, but, as the Buddha advised, also “for the good of the many, for the happiness of the many.”

    Today humanity is threatened with the possibility of a nuclear war, that means unimaginable and unprecedented destruction and suffering throughout the world. Superpowers are threatening one another and brandishing the latest weapons of annihilation. If they put one step further in that direction, humanity would be destroyed within hours. Those who wield power in the world seem to be devoid of mental health Only the voice of the well-organized masses of people across the world many bring them to sanity. The members of the Buddhist Sangha can contribute largely to achieve this by spreading the Buddha’s message of compassion and wisdom and peace against violence and materialist thinking devoid of moral values, and by organizing mass meetings against war. The World Buddhist Sangha Council should make every effort to achieve this noble purpose.

    The World Buddhist Sangha Council appeals to all Governments and all world organizations to oppose war, particularly nuclear war, and the World Buddhist Sangha Council supports all their efforts directed towards this end.

Conference Date Place President
3nd General Conference Dec. 1-7, 1981 Taipei, Taiwan Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera
3nd Executive Committee
1st Meeting Mar. 17-18, 1982 Taipei, Taiwan Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera
2nd Meeting Apr. 9-10, 1983 Hong Kong Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera
Extraordinary Meeting Oct. 28, 1983 Taipei, Taiwan Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera
3rd Meeting Mar. 29-30, 1984 Penang, Malaysia Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera
4th Meeting Jan. 8-9, 1985 Taipei, Taiwan Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera
1st Correspondence Meeting Sep. 10, 1985 Taipei, Taiwan Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera

Name List of 3rd Executive Committee Members of WBSC

President Ven. Pai Sheng Mahathera Taiwan
Vice Presidents Ven. Phra Promguna Bhorn Thailand
Ven. N. Jinaratana Nayaka T hera India
Ven. Khantipalo UK
Ven. Thich Tam-Chau Canada
Ven. Dr. K. Anuruddha Sri Lanka
Ven. Kok Kwong Hong Kong
Ven. Au Ling USA
Ven. Ching Hsin Taiwan
Ven. Chin Kor Malaysia
Ven. Swe Tin Philippines
Ven. Seck Hong Choon Singapore
Ven. Dao Ye Xin Tian Japan
Ven. Eui Hyun Seo Korea
Ven. Ashin Jinarakkhita Indonesia
Chinese Secretary-General Ven. Wu Yi Taiwan
English Secretary-General Ven. Dr. M. Wipulasara Sri Lanka
Chinese Assistant Secretary-General Ven. Ching Liang Taiwan
English Assistant Secretary-General Ven. Dr. M. Vajiragnana UK
Dhamma Propagation Members Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Malaysia
Ven. Wing Sing Hong Kong
Ven. B. Dhammaratana Sri Lanka
Education Members Ven. Dr. M. Wimalaratana Sri Lanka
Ven. Sheng Ying Taiwan
Ven. K. Dhammajothi Sri Lanka
WelfareMembers Ven. Shing Yun Taiwan
Ven. Chin Neng Taiwan
Ven. Po Ting  Hong Kong
General Members Ven. Sik Sai Chun Hong Kong
Ven. Wu Ming Taiwan
Youth Members Ven. Yuen Quing Hong Kong
Ven. Tuan Nam Singapore
Ven. Mahinda Sri Lanka
Finance Members Ven. Ta Neng Malaysia
Ven. Hsin Chih Taiwan